Value Creation

We identify strong entrepreneurs developing scalable technologies, that have the ability to grow, with the intention to do good and the ambition to take their companies to a global scale.

Race to Zero

We invest in entrepreneurs who understand both the urgency and the immense investment potential of reducing green house gas emissions for all industries.

Active Support

We help entrepreneurs scale their businesses by providing growth capital, international operating expertise and access to a global network of strategic customers.

Technology Expertise

We are experienced in a breadth of technology investments such as the renewable energy, solar and wind infrastructure, hydrogen and energy technology and software innovation.


Our primary objective is to help founders transform innovative eco tech businesses into lasting, category-defining leaders with a diversified customer base.

Investment Horizon

We believe the timeframe until 2030 will be a defining timeframe for the shift towards sustainability and the businesses that lead and implement this transformation.

Impact Focus

Cycle is applying the EU taxonomy to guide the investment strategy and analysing companies, evaluating their emission reduction potential for each sector and technology.


Wealth is finite and linear,
abundance is infinite and circular